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Dental Implants

If you've lost teeth, advances in dental techniques and technology allow us to make your smile healthy, beautiful, and fully functional.

How? Our dentists, Dr. Michael J. Cooney, Dr. Monte B. Cooper, and Dr. Nicholas Sager, offer dental implants and supplementary treatments.

To learn more about the benefits of versatile dental implants and restorations, visit Central Texas Dental Care, located in Waco, TX.

Osseointegration: The Implant Process That Makes New Smiles Possible

Traditional tooth replacement methods, like crowns and dentures, only address part of the problem. Without your tooth's natural roots to stimulate your jawbone tissue, the area will continue to deteriorate. Dental implants directly solve that issue.

Implants are small titanium or ceramic screws that act as artificial tooth roots. For the ultimate security, they fuse to your bone during a process called osseointegration.

As a result, your restorations won't budge a millimeter, giving you renewed functionality. Plus, implants typically last a lifetime, making them an excellent long-term investment in your well-being.

cross-section of a dental implant in the jawbone

The Three Parts Of An Implant-Supported Restoration

The reason why implants are so effective? They're not in it alone. Our dentists bolster your results by using three components:


By replacing your tooth's artificial roots, titanium implants are able to perform some of the duties your natural tooth would, like stimulating jawbone tissue. They also offer a secure foundation for the next two parts: abutments and custom restorations.


From crowns to dentures, each restoration is attached to your dental implant with an abutment. Abutments aren't actually visible. Just like the top of your implant, the abutment will be completely concealed by your lifelike new restoration.


We offer a variety of dental implant-supported restorations to address all degrees of tooth loss. Whether you just need to replace one tooth, or you're looking for an entirely new smile, implants can help with every option.

Implants and Restorations Come Together to Form a Beautiful Smile

If you're considering dental implants from our Waco team, the placement and restoration process will look something like this.

Worried about Seeking Treatment? Learn Why Waco, TX, Trusts Us


Holden Joiner

Hewitt, TX


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Tess is amazing and helped educate me in many ways.

I learned more today about my dental health than I have my whole life, just in conversation with her.

Highly recommend this office, all around friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere.

Dr. Cooney was great!

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Amy Ashcraft

Hewitt, TX


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Dr. Cooney and his staff, especially Kristin, are absolutely the BEST!! I recently needed to have 2 teeth repaired, both needing crowns...Dr. Cooney and his staff have been absolutely wonderful. We have done a handful of adjustments on my bite since the initial crown placements. Dr. Cooney welcomes me back each time with a smile and is more than interested and really wants to make sure I am as comfortable as possible. He always tells me to come back anytime I have any discomfort.

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We Changed the Game in Waco, TX Experience the Difference

Our team is proud to have brought new standards and qualifications to Waco, TX. As our city's very first board-certified implantologist, Dr. Sager continually offers excellent care to residents of the same town where he grew up. He also partners with two other dedicated dentists, Dr. Cooney and Dr. Cooper, to create a caring, comprehensive team you can trust.

It's our hope that patients never need restorative care. We do all we can to educate you on prevention and maintenance to save you time, stress, and money. If you ever need more extensive treatment like dental implants, though, you've got three experienced dentists on your side.

Ready for knowledgable dental implant care from a highly educated office? Contact us or call

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The Central Texas Dental Care Team
Having trouble with your teeth? Our dental team offers expertise and advanced technology, like cone beam computed tomography scans and CEREC same-day crowns.

We Focus on Prevention


We believe in giving you the tools and dental knowledge to protect your natural teeth, so that you never have to visit us for implants again. Before, during, and after your dental implant placement, our dentists will educate you on preventative care.

Common Supplementary Treatments We Conduct Before Implant Placement

Even if your teeth and jaw aren't yet ready for implants, our understanding dentists may be able to restore your oral health and change your implant candidacy status with supplementary treatments. Popular options at our Waco office include:

Tooth Loss Is Never Easy But Our Dentists Can Alleviate Some of the Stress


dede drake

Hewitt, TX


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The folks here are very courteous and helpful. My hygienist is Sally and she has been helping me with gum disease and a Year and half later, she has my gums and mouth back on track. Thanks ya'll. A friend at work recommended them to me and I just recommended them to another coworker.

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Drew Kistenmacher

Hewitt, TX


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I am not a fan of dentists and I like this office. Very comfortable once I chilled out.

They are all nice and understood I was anxious. I highly recommend!

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