Signs of Oral Cancer to Look Out For

We have heard of throat cancer, but many people many not realize that every hour three more people are diagnosed with oral cancer. What may be even more alarming is that today more than 16 people will die from some form of this disease, a trend that has been consistent for 40 years.

April is National Cancer Control Month, and at Central Texas Dental Care, Drs. Cooper, Cooney and Sager want to educate our patients on risk factors for oral cancer.

Modern technologies have made great advancements in the discovery and treatment of serious diseases. Cancer-screening devices in dental offices allow the detection of oral cancer to be easy and painless.

“Regular checkups at your dental office and self-evaluations are both essential. Be aware of any bumps, discoloration of tissue (such as white or red areas) or changes to the mouth, throat, tongue or lips. Using these practices, we can help lower the risks and prevent oral cancer.”

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